Aedifex, LLC

Aedifex, LLC has a history of successful and inovative problem solving in residential, commercial, retail and educational architecture and construction management. We have completed numerous projects in Fairfield, Weschester, Putnam, Suffolk and Bergin Counties.

Aedifex, aedificis • builder, contractor, one who has buildings erected; architect, maker creator;

“We believe in traditional design, a sense of spaciousness, lightness and carefully observed details, incorporating current standards, technology and trends. We want our homes to come alive as a place of refuge, domestic tranqulity, a place that offers comfort and intimacy, often incorporating elements of an earlier time”
-Peter J. Berghane, RA, NCARB

340 Nash Road
North Salem, NY 10560 



Jilco Window Corp.

Michelle Armistead

135 Mahopac Ave, PO Box 1
Granite Springs, NY 10527 

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